Privacy Policy

Luton Airport Taxi (UK) , and any other member of the LAT group companies, as applicable (together with its affiliated companies – “LAT”, “we”, “our” or “us”) put great efforts into making sure that your personal data is kept safe and is properly used.

This Privacy Policy describes, with respect to LAT’s technology platform and related services (the “Services”), how and for which purposes we collect, store, use and disclose the following types of personal data:

1. User data relating to individuals who are registered to the Services and use them either independently or on behalf of our corporate customers, to book, send and receive taxi rides and courier deliveries, as well as any data that they provide us relating to others (such as the recipients of their deliveries sent via LAT);

2. Driver and courier data relating to drivers and couriers who use the Services, either individually or as part of a fleet that has integrated into the Services, to accept and execute rides and/or delivery orders, pick up riders or deliveries and carry them to their destinations, and to receive payments for such activities;

3. Website visitor, CRM & prospects data relating to visitors of our website, participants at our events, business customers, partners, and any prospective customer, partner, user or driver who visits or otherwise interacts with any of our websites, online ads and content, e-mails or other communications under our control (“LAT Sites” or “Sites”).

Specifically, this Privacy Policy describes our practices regarding
1.Data Collection
2.Data Uses
3.Data Location and 4.Retention
5.Data Sharing
6.Cookies & Tracking
8.Data Security
9.Your rights
10.Additional Notice & 11.Contact Details

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